Generic Skills Development is fully Accredited by the TETA and provides essential safety training services to all companies including the industrial and mining sector. We provide a personal service in training on Lifting Machinery, Earth Moving Machinery, Health and Safety, Fire Fighting and the Construction Industry. The mission of the company is to serve our clients by providing them with quality on site training, and build lasting working relationships.

With over 40 years of experience in the training industry Generic Skills Development is the perfect choice for your training needs. We have a selection of training providers with professional qualifications.

The company was founded by Mr. Koos van Dyk, a well educated, experienced and a much recommended training provider in the industry. With qualifications in a broad spectrum of fields, he has made available a variety of courses for on-site training at your company.

Pappa3.001Founder of the company, Mr. Koos van Dyk’s experience includes managing a Training Group (Natal Training Centre, Ladysmith), Providing training at Oil Refinery Process Plants (Sapref), Open cast mining (Scharrighuizen), Earth Moving Machinery (Scharrighuizen), Lifting Machinery and Construction Plant. He was Training Manager for Union co-op and provided training in Forestry, Saw Mills Furniture Manufacturing, Bark Extract Plant, Maize and Sugar Cane Farms, Sugar Refinery, Maize Mill, Cattle Feed Lots, Piggery, Abattoir, Meat Processing Plant, and Farming Machinery.


Mrs. Mari van Dyk  works with any follow up queries regarding training already completed or to re-book if you are already a client:

082 473 8178




For new bookings and quotes contact Communications manager, Colé, who is responsible for the marketing and new clients. For all your training requirements send an email with information of the training you need as well as your full contact details and Colé will give you a quote.

072 672 8725